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Portuguese Instruments

the Adufe is a percussion instrument typical from the region of Castelo Branco. It is usually played by women, using their thumbs to hold the instrument and the rest of the fingers to play it.


The Bombo is a percussion instrument (with two parallel membranes). It is usually played in a vertical position in popular events in Portugal.


Cavaquinho Minhoto
The Cavaquinho is originary from Minho (north of Portugal) and is a well known four string instrument that travelled the world (Brazil, Mozambique, Madeira, Hawaii…) and influenced the popular hawaiian Ukelele


Guitarra Portuguesa
The Portuguese Guitar is an important musical instrument in the portuguese traditional music. It’s played in Fado, using plectrum nails. There are two types os Portuguese Guitar: the one from Lisbon and other from Coimbra.


The Sarronca or Ronca is a friction drum from Portugal. This instrument was usually played in Alentejo (south of Portugal) Christmas Songs


Viola Amarantina
The Viola Amarantina (or Two Hearts Viola), owes its names for two reasons: the first reason is due to its birthplace (Amarante) and the second reason to the soundholes with a heartshape.